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Knox is a remarkable community hub in the centre of Winnipeg, a gathering place for folk from literally all over the world! The Central Park neighbourhood is one of the most culturally diverse in the country, and it is obvious any day that you step through the doors at Knox.

Rooted in this neighbourhood of newcomers, where we have been for more than a century, our call is to be as open as we can to every hope, every possibility that walks through the door.  There is no distinction between what is 'church' and what is 'community' as we try to be faithful to the gospel command to love and serve our neighbours.

Knox is an active and unique congregation of the United Church of Canada.  Our membership is as diverse as our neighbourhood: African, Filipino, Nepali, Indigenous, Settlers.  Any given sunday, (starting at 10:30) we raise our praise in many languages, accompanied by drums, guitars, piano and sometimes with the majestic chords of the pipe organ.  Worship is relaxed, friendly and participatory.  A children's program is offered regularly.  Fellowship with coffee and snacks follow the service every week.  Community outreach and bible study are just some of the mid week activities.  A Nepali fellowship groups meets, beginning at 12 each sunday as well.

Knox also serves our neighbours by hosting a large number of programs and agencies, many focused on newcomers, as well as other worshipping communities. (see Community Hub for more information on our partners.) Whether it is through english language education, job training, women's empowerment, community kitchen, concerts, Central Park Market, 12 step programs, children's groups or cultural events, Knox reflects the depth of vitality in our community.

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