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Japanese Language Ministry

マニトバ日本語教会はノックスで長い歴史を持っています - 毎月第三日曜日に礼拝するために出会う

In the midst of the xenophobia of the second world war, when Japanese Canadians were exiled from BC, a large group ended up on the beet farms in southern Manitoba. Many were Christians.  When one of their group died, they searched for a church willing to let them  have a service. None would, except Knox. Not only the funeral, Knox welcomed them to start holding Japanese language services. This began Knox’s long history with Japanese Canadians, including working toward the apology.

Today the number of Japanese speaking people at Knox is much smaller, but we continue to have Japanese language services on the third Sunday of every month in the chapel. Please join us on any of these Sundays.

Next time you are at Knox,  enter the small chapel, sit for a few minutes in silence.  You will feel something. It is, we think, the honouring of our ancestors, a sense of peace and welcome that the walls have absorbed. That in the midst of fear and discrimination, an odd little group of Christians in the centre of the country refused to be drawn into intolerance, and open their hearts and building to the Japanese. The chapel continues to welcome new Canadians in many languages

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