Please come and visit us- it’s amazingly longer than other typical United Church worship services! It’s more engaging:  lots of dance,  praying individually,  sharing testimonies – which allows everyone to feel the love of Christ through the messages. Even though we call it Nepali worshipes but we do have members from various other cultural communities as well. Worship isn’t simply a matter of attending worship services, but rather a way of approaching life. It means seeing God at work in your daily activities, and inviting God to work in you and through you. Worship truly is a relationship. Our worship service comprises of singing hymns both traditional & current, choruses, reading psalms, preaching, Praise and Worship (vital part of the service, but quite different than what many North Americans think of as ‘praise & worship’!), children time, sharing peace, special time (allows members to share their personal story/testimony), and prayers. Dance, too, is an important part of our worship experience – both traditional dance and informal dance/movement. We worship with our bodies as well as with our mind and heart. We are a new congregation, almost half of the congregational members are the new believers, new to the Christian faith, newly converts and casual visitors.

We observe a variety of different expressions of worship:

Worship services (Sundays) in the chapel at 12:15 pm- 2:30 pm

Prayer services (Fridays) in the chapel at 5:00 pm-6pm

Domestic worship (Saturdays afternoons)

Youth fellowship & Bible study (Saturday Evenings) 6pm – 8 pm

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400 Edmonton Street. Winnipeg, MB
R3B 2M2.  (204) 942-4579


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