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The Du Val Foundation was set up in 1933 to honour and continue the legacy of Knox’s long time pastor, Dr. Frederic DuVal. Described by the Winnipeg Free Press as a "pint-sized zealot with a hard glinting eye and luxuriant chin whiskers," there was no stopping DuVal. He was an indomitable social campaigner, vigilant against social ills and exploitation, vigilant as well in his desire to see the vision of a just and fair society. The Church was not a place for the comfortable to lounge, it was a centre of learning, compassion, a place of activism and engagement with the community. For DuVal, as it was for those who established The DuVal Foundation, the really vital factor was not where the Church had been but where it was going. Economic times have been challenging for everyone, including the Foundation. Despite this, it has continued to provide strong financial support to maintain the building as well as for operational expenses, programs and personnel.  

In 2013 oversight of the financial portfolio of the fund was transferred to The Winnipeg Foundation. With the transfer a new fund was also established, The DuVal Foundation Community Fund, which receives additional funding from the Winnipeg Foundation in its initial phase.  

The Du Val Foundation is a registered charitable foundation and its volunteer Board of Directors are committed to the future of Knox United Church in Winnipeg’s Central Park and the broader community. Invested funds are managed by The Winnipeg Foundation.

To believe in the future requires commitment—and one way to express that commitment is financially. In these challenging economic times, we know many groups are seeking and needing support. With humility and gratitude, we do believe there is something unique about Knox, both the church itself and the hub of services and organizations that operate in partnership with Knox. We respectfully request that you consider either of the Du Val Foundation funds in your future financial plans. Donations can be made by cheque to:

The Winnipeg Foundation

for Du Val Foundation Fund


Du Val Foundation Community Fund

1350 – One Lombard St.
Winnipeg, R3B 0X3

Or you can make your donation online at: www.wpgfdn.org

DuVal: Legacy & Vision
The basics of the vision that continues to animate the mission of Knox was shaped over 100 years ago by Dr. F. DuVal - a passion for social engagement, an open door to the neighbourhood, the well-being of newcomers and a commitment to those who are limited by economic poverty. To honour his legacy, The DuVal Foundation was incorporated on March 22, 1933 to receive donations to maintain and support Knox as a centre for Christian teaching and social welfare. It continues to be a vital part of the financial base of Knox as a community hub. For more info click Here

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